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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The summer ahead.

     Life has been quiet. Between balancing the day's events and the night's events, life has been busy to the point that I've realized that I haven't had time to just relax. The whole free time to enjoy a baseball game from the first inning to the last out are no longer possible. But I don't mind. The days go back so quickly here in Vietnam. It's not even funny. When I wake up I wake u feeling cold. When I go to sleep I go to sleep feeling hot. It's an endless cycle. Life here is starting to feel pretty routine after so long. My schedule changes each semester. But consistently for the past six months, it's been commitments in the day time and evening, followed by doing stuff at night and squeezing in YouTube edits and all that. I wish I was a coffee drinker, then maybe you'd get more SoJournaling Vietnam travelogues. I wish I had a few days when time just stood still so I could just sit back and edit. But it's like every night something happens. I've been really social. I guess that's a wonderful thing.

      Summer is rapidly approaching. I can't wait. I can't wait to just go some place again and spend a nice night at a hotel. I hate waking up feeling tired, hopping on my bike, and hitting traffic while regretting the nights activities with my life on the line.

I can't wait for summer. My summer schedule from June to August will be mad busy. But I will squeeze in a few days of travel in May.

    Many of you have contacted me about meeting up and stuff. I apologize if I don't get back to you at all. There's usually a reason for that. The messages have been so over whelming that I'm going to hold another fan appreciation dinner sometime in the summer. But this time I ain't paying. In the meantime, if you want to see the real Vietnam with someone who doesn't really know much about Vietnam, then contact Old Boy over at if you're looking for a tour guide.

       The other day I was sitting down at a local diner just eating by myself again, and I couldn't help but hear an annoying American dialect in the room. This teacher of sorts was talking to two Vietnamese people about himself. I couldn't stand hearing English out loud like that. I can sort of understand how locals must feel with obnoxious Viet kieus go to Vietnam and start speaking English like they're God or something. Sometimes with an urban rap ghetto voice or a... oh wait... That's annoying as hell. The white guy was talking about his travels in Vietnam and how he loved Nha Trang so much. Oh... people who think they know Vietnam so well... it's sad. It's really sad. A few days prior I was at Popeyes Chicken and there loud expat children speaking English with a lot of profanity and a myriad of nonsense that irritated me. This is exactly how Viet kieus shouldn't behave in Vietnam. So many people come here and try to show off their English. It's embarrassing. A lot of them have strange fake enthusiasm too. "OH LOOK AT THE TRAFFIC!! OH MY GOD, WHAT THE FACK BRAAAH?!" So annoying... especially VK losers who film themselves in Vietnam. Can't stand watching those kinds of videos... especially channels with new videos of Vietnam everyday of the same crap. PHO PHO traffic. Com traffic Pho Travel. Pho

      Old Boy and I will hold a LIVE YOUTUBE/ Skype Session in the near future.
That's right, you'll get us live and you'll be able to ask questions about Vietnam and beyond. That'll be fun. I look forward to that.

     T shirts are coming. We're working on the first ever Old Boy "voi Kim Chi" t shirt.

That's for now. Expect the Qui Nhon travelogue to be up very soon. I just need to start editing it.
In the mean time, tell your friends.


  1. speaking of VK loser, aren't you the one who always go on about how great it is to speak English with your VK friends? Yet, when you hear someone else speaking English, you get annoyed? Walking around filming every little thing while talking out loud to yourself in English is not showing off and not embarrassing? 'cause that is what you do, Kyle. That is so childish. Moreover, aren't you one of those VK losers who love to film themselves in Vietnam. It's cool and artistic if you do it, but, not so cool when it is someone else?

    1. Lol. Somebody doesn't understand blatant sarcasm. You must be a local Viet

    2. you obviously don't get my whole gimmick over here, which I feel kinda sad because you're missing out half of the fun here.

    3. I couldn't detect the sarcasm either, for what it's worth.

  2. Anonymous, you're the loser, why are u even reading this blog?

  3. Keep it up,I'm a Cuban in Miami that enjoy your videos very much.

  4. looking forward to the live youtube/skype session

  5. kyle, is old boy your brother bear? *wink *wink

    u two make a good couple

  6. Keep up the Good work. Whatever Kyle said he is his opinion, It's his blog, just enjoy. I want to see anyone with a negativity can do what he could. So stop complaining and enjoy man...It's not easy