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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The best Vietnam travel documentary to Quy Nhon ever.

        So finally after months of slow painful editing Quy Nhon was released earlier today. Arguably, one of the best SoJournaling Vietnam videos to date. It's also the last video to use my old Canon HV 30. It's an end of an era. Or the beginning of one depending on your perspective.

       Quy Nhon was all about timing. I really had no plans when Judd and I boarded that train. I knew virtually nothing about the area. All I knew was that the train passed by it sorta, and I wanted to use the train as my primary mode of transport. A lot of footage was cut. We met a funny British dude that due to pacing reasons, I had to ultimately leave out. Hurricane Haiyan made the first few days interesting, yet it was hard to capture those moments of uncertainty as people filled sand bags all over the place. Nearing the end of the first day, Judd and I just sat around semi-bored with really nothing much to do. Some temples were on the list, but you've seen so many temples that it's not even funny anymore. Then timing was also right, and four dudes rolled up, and our two groups merged, and we instantly became friends. They really helped make this trip memorable because the storm never came.

     The video itself is a little bit different than previous videos not only because it's longer, but also because I tried to experiment more with camera movement before cuts. So, some of those weirder sudden zoom ins and outs or side pans and then cut to a different scenes were all planned. I didn't become lazy and didn't edit those out. I wanted to see how it would look. In the end, I'm pretty content with it. Like I said before, cinematography is a favorite part of filming for me. I enjoy framing a shot and praying it comes out right without a viewfinder.

      It's also pretty evident throughout the piece that Ngoc still is on my mind. There hasn't been a day that goes by she doesn't cross my mind. I'm trying my best though, time erases everything. It's just a matter of time before I can function normally without wondering what did I do to deserve such drama that's still affecting me as I write this. I can't help but feel sorry for her. She had it all with me. I worshipped her. I would have put a ring on that if she actually existed. I was only able to afford the Yamaha FZS because I spent months saving up and starving myself knowing she'd be here so we could do things like together. Of course that never panned out, so at least I'm left with something besides bitterness and a slow indifference. I just need some more time, and things will be more than fine.

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Let's make this the best SoJournaling Vietnam ever. 


  1. You're right, it's long but boring. Nothing special. Your videos are more about you than Vietnam.

    1. Haha. No SHit, my videos are about me.

    2. if you want to go watch a video about Vietnam, go to Little Saigon and buy those crappy DVDs

  2. What Up Kyle Le?
    Bro, to have a pretty catchy song after you says a lot about what you've done here. We ALL have gotten something from you, even when we've been hard on you---when we hated on you. But don't see it as hate, see it as others checking your thinking and conduct, because beyond VN you need (and we all need) to have thoughts and words challenged and examined; it'll makes you better because you'll think harder. It's part of what happens "when you [we] grow up," especially in those moments "when the life rips your heart
    out of your chest and leaves a void."

    Thinking harder is what Antti's beautiful song also asks you to do with all of its questions, as well as address some of the issues some readers try to remind you--even when it sounds like we're hatin' on you. It could also be us trying to steer you the right way because some of us "stand in the wreckage of what" we've "done," to borrow from Antti's simple but soul-grabbing poetry.

    I'm proud of you for "what you have done."

    ---regards from Vin Scully

    1. I don't mind and actually appreciate the criticism. But in all frankly, I don't trust you or take words from people who don't know me on a personal level, have ever met me, or credible enough to reveal their real identities. Most of them visit Vietnam on vacation, which is a polar opposite of actually living and working here day in and day out. When you put yourself out there as much as I have, you expect to get hate. I don't mind because deep down inside I'm a troll at a heart. If you watch my videos you can tell that there's a borderline between when I'm serious and when I'm not. For those who can really enjoy my content, then I applaud them for having a sense of humor and seeing the entertainment in all of this. For those who take everything up the butt, then they're clearly FOBs or missed the whole exaggerated narrative of this fictitious blog.

    2. I enjoy this stuff but I think I would enjoy it more if it had more stuff about northern Central Vietnam and its people. Aren't some of your brethren from central too Kyle, more in the hill areas right? Show us the real Vietnam not just all this Saigon city life, Its like Los Angeles is great but I want to see Yosemite too. Maybe let us see how they act, live and talk without your constant narrative. Not that I'm saying your narrative is bad, its just over kill sometimes. You know what Kyle you want to be famous, that's not debatable, its not a bad thing either. And your creating your future right now, so good for you bro. I think your very relatable even to an older guy like me, because I could see myself back at your age, wanting to do what your doing right now if I wasn't tied down.

  3. Hey Kyle,

    I appreciated this video since I was born in Qui Nhon.



  4. I liked the video! Its beyond hard to get to get everything right when you do everything by yourself.. People who do pro travelogues like Anthony Bourdain have armies of people with multiple lifetimes of experience making sure everything is just right for public consumption. Considering Kyle is doing all this by himself after working hard on a real job. Editing a video for 50 hours after working all day long.. You have to be 25 years old and driven as hell to be able to do it (without burnout). My crappy song was just that. Cliched crappy song. Kyle may have related to it. But it is not about him. Kyle has done great job with this site and with his videos. Maybe one day someone recognizes his work and lets him work with a real pro team behind him.. Who knows what he could then.