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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Party and clubbing in Vietnam. How my opinions have changed.

     So most of you know that I hate clubbing in Vietnam. I'm not a party type of a guy because I constantly want the attention on me. Well I think after Sunday night, I'm starting to not resent it as much as I have in the past. (You can read past articles of my experiences here:

 It's not really that bad, but it's not really my cup of tea either. Let me explain.

     My friend rented a villa in one of the most American streets I've ever seen in Vietnam. These villas were located deep inside a wide alley in District 10. When the taxi pulled in, I swore I was back in Orange County for a brief moment. It was spectacular. I was mesmerized and blown away that such a neighborhood existed right underneath our noses.

      The house itself was off the hook. You're just going to have to wait and see the video. What a simple, yet amazing example of just how modern and westernized Vietnam could be. Each room was basic, yet modern enough to remind me of just how poor I was/am in America and in Vietnam. Heck, they even had a drying machine. Though the interesting thing is that the houses lacked privacy. I felt like the homes were a little too close for being over a million dollars each.

    I was already dead tired from the days previous events. I don't have Sunday mornings off. I tried to sneak in a few hours of sleep here and there before the pregame, but things didn't go my way. I hate prepping myself and beautifying myself. I hate wearing a lot of gel, and ironing, and trying to look good in darkness. I wasn't really there to impress anybody, so I decided to wear a black dress shirt with a lot of white stains... mostly because I didn't have any other clean shirts.

     When I got to the villas, I bought some noodles in the streets and ate it in there. It was kinda of surreal to eat something worth 15,000 Dong in the Great Gatsby's house.

      Then we hit the Kumho clubs. Met up with a few of my friend's friends.. about ten or so ladies who frequent clubs more than I frequent fish stores. It was kind of weird because I went out on a few dates with one of them, and I stopped responding back to her after a while because I got bored. She immediately called me out on it. That was semi-awkward, but we were able to talk briefly. It didn't really help me break the ice with many of the other girls though. These girls didn't really seem all that social. Maybe it's because I didn't look like I had any money? Let's face it, these girls are definitely not the hottest or cutest, but they had some pretty damn nice women bodies. Without make up, they're pretty average to below, but my God, with heels on, they weren't lacking anything physically. T and A galore. And none of them had any hairs on their legs. They actually looked clean, despite lacking substance.
Then again, I wasn't there to chit chat, I was there to get F'ed up to forget the fact that I'm not over a girl from down under. Maybe the alcohol would make me forget for a bit?

      I actually didn't mind the club. It wasn't crowded. We had the best table overlooking the entire place. There were soft seats to sit on. There were half naked girls dancing on stage. The girls around me smelled nice. Very little cigarette smoke around me. The fruits were tasty. Watching the girls dancing by the railing was like being in a sexy colonial B flick. For a Sunday night, man that club was busy. As if if nobody had jobs...

     I recommend going to a club at least once in Vietnam. It's a social mind fuck because there are people who are over dressed and people so under dressed that it's sad and funny at the same time. I mean, dudes were wearing slippers. Some girls wore these high cut jeans that looked so nasty because it made their butts all sunken in. I thought it was my ass I was staring at at times. The age range can also encompass a high range. There were dudes that night partying with girls that looked like their nieces and daughters. There were also young looking groups too poor to afford a table, so they just stood around. Oh, and it's kind of funny how staring is still somewhat okay here, but definitely more limited. And waiters? They dance too. Security? Everywhere. Staff acts a little bit differently here though. They all cater to your ever need as if you're a baby. They just want the tip of course. They don't really respect you, especially if they call you Anh. But none of this really affected me, therefore I was able to enjoy my time better than my previous clubbing experiences.

      So what's changed it for me? Clubs are still fake. Yes. Fake people, fake tits, whatever. But in all honesty, the music wasn't bad. I actually liked some of the songs. I think there was a One Direction mix in there and you all know I love them. If you don't think so much about it. It can be a fun place to just go and listen to some music with your friends. Dance a bit and just burn a few hours. It kind of reminded me of India for a moment, and how I really missed dancing. I think India changed it for me. I wasn't that bad.

        Then the group made sure they left, and quickly proceeded to the villa. By the way, some of these girls own their own cars. Yeah... some dudes out there really must have that much disposable income huh? The girls got comfortable by changing their dresses and jeans into cotton one pieces. The music continued on. Chao and mi goi were prepared because at that time nothing else was open. Lol at the girls slurping up noodles. There's actually some substance in these girls... especially when they were drunk. I was actually starting to carry an interesting conversation primarily in English with one of them, and then I got really fucked up and the rest I can't write about because my family reads my blog.

         I woke up the next morning after sleeping for an hour to complete chaos and destruction around me. I felt so deprived and sunken in. Good thing we didn't have to clean up. What a disaster. One of my friends Blackberry was missing along with his chord. His assistant came to pick him up because work was a few hours away. Then it was my turn to leave so I bid all the sleeping people  farewell, called for a cab, and hopped in. Vietnam the morning afternoon was actually a pretty interesting place. I never felt as distant from it as I did in that long cab ride home. I ordered two pizzas with slurred Vietnamese. I showered and ate them. Then I slept for most of the day. Two days later, I'm still feeling the side effects. No regrets. Despite what I did- going against my usual moral confines, everything is an experience in its own rights. I'm happy I was able to act my own age for once. I'm glad I was able to step over the boundaries of my anxiety and worry. Lol, I made sure the knives were all hidden in the house. Now am I going to do this every weekend? Hell no. Am I ever going to this again? Probably not. But I'm glad I did it. Hopefully there won't be any long term side effects. Thank God party girls aren't clingy.


  1. Well done Kyle.

    party hard in vietnam and get the fuck out ~ And that's why I, as well as many VK bros frequently visit vietnam.

    Bitches be shining brighter in VN.

  2. Firstly that villa looks amazing and secondly, my experience that i have had with clubbing in Vietnam is by far better than the ones in Sydney no doubt!

    Yes i do quiet often head out to clubbing on a Friday or Saturday night here in Sydney, but the clubs in Vietnam are alot lot better especially because theres no bullshit line that you have to wait for at the entrance, the service from the waiters are great, you get a table in the clubs in Vietnam, and the woman are beautiful too and its great how they give you company which i feel excites the experience of Vietnamese clubbing unlike the ones in Sydney.
    And the clubs that ive attended were in district 1 and yes i do recommend them to party goers. Its just my opinion that its more exciting than Sydney's clubbing life

  3. DUUUUUUUUUUU MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA u sellout. You actually posted a pic with girls in it lol.

  4. that one girl to the far right can pass for your "brother" if she took off her glasses and had the same hair cut as you.

    1. all the ho's are butt ugly. If this baller friend of Kyle is such a playar, he sure doesn't have any taste in women. Kyle looks definitely uncomfortable around women, though.

  5. Those houses are super nice! I'd love to own one of those I guess I have to hit the powerball first lol my question about the club's are do they sell real alcohol or bootlegged/half real types. I bought a bottle of Jim beam at co-op Mart and it tasted a little weird.

  6. Last picture: Kyle and them Ho's.

  7. Did you say those houses cost 1 million DOLLARS each ?