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Monday, April 7, 2014

I have a song about me now!!

Yes I do.

Thank you to Antti Luode. For those of you who don't know Antti Luode has graciously allowed me to use his original music on the majority of my videos. Without him, I wouldn't know what to do.

Check the song out. This song will be in the last SoJournaling Vietnam video ever.

For more of his music visit

Thank you Antti.

My ego is about this big right now (--------)
Stay tuned for SoJournaling Vietnam in Quy Nhon to be released very soon.


  1. Awww im not ready for you to stop posting videos, its something i look forward to when im bored, when im at uni, when im at work and before bed. Ive been to vn 6 times and plan to go next year, and your videos make me feel like im back there because i miss it so much. Your videos show the world how beautiful our motherland is, from the streets of Saigon to Hanoi, the videos show how modernized it is with great people that feature in them.

    Oh wells i guess good things gotta come to an end, ill miss sojournaling though, no homo

    Take care

  2. Maybe it's time to close this chapter of your life. From some of the previous comments, you seem to have some haters that don't appreciate your efforts.

    1. I'm not worried about haters. When you put yourself out there like this, you make yourself vulnerable to cowards behind screens who won't dare show their real identity. They give me hate on here because they feel powerful. Let's see them try to do it on Facebook. This blog isn't actually an open discussion forum. My views are unique to my own personal life. I came here when I was 22 years old. I've met some amazing girls in America, so of course I have to compare my past experiences with my current surroundings. Nobodys a blank slate at the age of 22. You can't be neutral on a speeding train. All the dudes that hate on me are 35+ year old FOBs who hate the fact that sometimes their fancy sunshine land full of girls I wouldn't touch is being questioned. They wouldn't have any other place to go on vacation because no other place in the world makes them feel as good about their meager existence as Vietnam. The truth hurts.

    2. Nah man, It's your blatant hatred and generalization like this makes people hate you. I'm 27 and a Doctor. I can have any girls I want. I used to like your channel, but I've realized it's not worth my time anymore because of you. Full of crap kinda guy you are, man. Grow up

    3. Lol. Thanks for letting me know. Instead of wasting your time you should go have all the girls you want. A fake internet doctor is telling me I'm full of crap. Lol..